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Can You Use a Hearing Aid with a Cochlear Implant?
Cochlear implants and hearing aids help individuals hear better. Discover whether it is a good idea to combine the two. Learn more at Beltone South!
Do Hearing Aid Batteries Expire?
By having the right equipment and making daily charging a habit, your hearing aids are ready to last the entire day. But do the batteries ever expire?
Finding the Right Face Mask to Wear With Your Hearing Aids
Wearing a face mask with your hearing aids can be frustrating. Discover how you can find the right face mask option to wear with your hearing aids.
Can Used Hearing Aids Be Reused?
There are pros and cons to purchasing a used hearing aid. Find out whether hearing aids can be reused and fitted to another person at Beltone South.
Getting Hearing Aids with Insurance: Are You Covered?
Buying a new hearing aid can be very expensive. Depending on the type of healthcare coverage you have, your insurance may cover hearing aids. Learn more!
Understanding BelCare 12 Point Service
The BelCare 12-Point Service offers several benefits so you can have peace of mind with your Beltone hearing aids. Contact us at Beltone South today!
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