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5 Spooky Fictions About Hearing Aids

Hearing aids date back to the 17th century. Despite having a long history, some scary misconceptions still linger about hearing aids. Below, we take a moment to review five scary fiction about hearing aids so you can feel better about using and enjoying hearing aids to address any degree of hearing impairment you may be living with.

1. You'll Feel Old with Hearing Aids

This fear may have been true with hearing aids of yesteryear. However, the hearing aids available today come in various styles and colors. You can even be discreet and wear hearing aids that can't be easily seen. Newer hearing aids also come with an assortment of features that allow you to enjoy Bluetooth connectivity and other perks of modern living,

2. You Must Be Completely Deaf to Benefit from Hearing Aids

Contrary to popular belief, you don't need to be completely hearing impaired to benefit from properly adjusted hearing aids. In fact, the amplification capabilities of today's modern hearing aids make it possible for individuals with minor hearing-related issues to benefit from hearing aids.

3. You'll Save Money with Just One Hearing Aid

Technically, you will save money by purchasing one hearing aid instead of two. Unfortunately, this won't be all that helpful if you have a hearing impairment that affects both ears. To compensate, your brain adjusts how sounds are interpreted. As a result, you may not hear sounds the way they're meant to be heard. You could also damage your other ear by making it strain more to pick up sounds and tones.

4. Hearing Aids Simply Make Sounds Louder

At one time, this was true with early hearing aid technologies. Modern hearing aids are designed with directional microphones and other features that allow sounds to be interpreted naturally. In other words, if a character in a movie or TV show you're watching speaks softly, you'll hear them speaking that same way with hearing aids.

5. You're Not Able to Use Tablets, Laptops, and Phones

This misconception is no longer true due to the connectivity features of today's newer hearing aid designs. You can use your hearing aids with many handheld devices, computers, laptops, and tablets. Newer hearing amplification devices also have built-in microphones that allow you to talk on the phone hands-free. This is also beneficial when you're driving.

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