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Choosing Your Beltone Hearing Aid

Which hearing aid is right for me?

We understand that finding the right hearing aids can seem complicated. But the good news is that there are many great choices. Getting the right hearing aid comes down to narrowing down what meets your unique needs and preferences.

Types of Hearing Aid Styles

Full Line Hearing Aids

Your hearing aid is a personal choice. That’s why you want to begin with the type or style of hearing aid. There are several options available to you, each with different designs. A simple way to look at it is that there are hearing aids placed behind the ear and others that are custom-crafted for placement in the ear canal area.

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What Fits You?

Behind the Ear

Styles designed to fit behind the ear are curved for comfort, easy to adjust, fully programmable, and ideal for mild-to-powerful amplification needs.

These robust, user-friendly, and reliable hearing aids are made with advanced technology to help you hear with confidence and with ease, all day long.


Styles that are custom-crafted are so small; they are entirely or In-the-Ear Hearing Aidsnearly hidden from view. They range from those that fit inside the canal, near the canal, or in the outer ear area.

These models are available as custom hearing aids crafted from an impression of your ear. Each style has different advantages, technology, and aesthetics, so the type you choose is an individual decision.

Narrow Your Choices

Once you know the best Beltone hearing aid style for you, it’s time to narrow your choices based on even more specific needs and your unique preferences. The type of hearing technology, how it filters sound, comfort, looks, and pricing are all important factors when deciding. The good news is our friendly staff will go over all your options and help you find the right device for you.

Call Beltone South at (888) 906-5246 to schedule an appointment today. We can discuss which hearing aids work best for your degree of hearing loss.

Try an In-office Hearing Aid Demo

Once determined what style and Beltone hearing aid model might work best for you, visit any of our Beltone South location in Tennessee to try it out with an in-office fitting and demo. You can experience the look and feel of the models you’ve selected. Plus, a product specialist will take you through a series of tests to see how it works for you. That way, you’ll be confident that you’ve selected the best Beltone hearing aid model for you and your life.