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Earbud Hearing Aids

When it comes to hearing aids, many falsely believe they must be bulky and overly noticeable. With the Beltone Jabra Enhance™ hearing aid, that's simply not the case. Wearing hearing aids is as easy as putting in earbuds and enjoying easy communication with the world around you.

Why Consider the Jabra Enhance™?

  • Combined Expertise of Jabra and Beltone
  • Earbud Hearing Aids and Design
  • Enhanced Audibility
  • Wirelessly Stream Calls and Music
  • Personalized Sound
Beltone Jabra Enhanced Plus
Beltone and Jabra

Combined Expertise

For the first time, customers can get the combined expertise of both Beltone and Jabra. The latter has created products for millions of years and has over 150 years of experience. With two leading companies working together, it's clear that great hearing aid products can be manufactured.

Jabra Earbuds

Earbud Hearing Aids and Design

The success of the Beltone Jabra Enhance™ hearing aid is all in its unique earbud design. Its super-compact design is water-resistant and an easy step for anyone looking to get hearing aids for the first time. No longer will you need to worry about the perceived stigma that can hold you back from getting the hearing assistance that you need. The Beltone Jabra Enhance™ hearing aid looks like your typical earbud, so only you will know that you're using a hearing assistance device.

Enhanced Audibility

Enhanced Audibility

With the Beltone Jabra Enhance™ hearing aid, you can expect enhanced sound, not just noise amplification. These first-of-their-kind hearing aid buds are constructed with advanced medical-grade technology that allows you to focus on the sounds you want to listen to.

The Beltone Jabra Enhance™ hearing aid's innovative design is packed full of four dedicated microphones. These work in unison to improve speech clarity and reduce distracting background noise. Finally, you'll be able to have involved conversations with your loved ones while out at a busy restaurant or cafe.

Call and Stream Wirelessly

Calls and Music

The Beltone Jabra Enhance™ hearing aid is designed to be convenient for the average user. We know that listening to music and making phone calls are an essential part of your day.

With the Beltone Jabra Enhance™ hearing aid, you can wirelessly stream your phone and other audio devices. You'll enjoy clear, quality conversations and music without distractions from background noise.

Focus on Sounds

Personalized Sound

Hearing aids are not meant to be a one-size-fits-all solution for enhancing hearing. Rather, every hearing aid needs to be personalized to fit the needs of its wearer. From the very first moment you turn on your Beltone Jabra Enhance™ hearing aid, you'll experience an easy-to-follow setup process allowing you to customize your new hearing aid to meet your needs.

Also, the Beltone Jabra Enhance™ hearing aid settings can be easily altered from the Jabra Enhance app at any time. This way, it adapts to your changing needs.

Battery Capability

Battery Capability

The Beltone Jabra Enhance™ hearing aid's tiny but mighty battery is all you need to enjoy a day full of fun communication with family and friends. This hearing aid battery will last for 10 hours on a single charge.

If you invest in the compact charging case, you can enjoy up to 30 hours of charge. Contact your hearing care provider at Beltone South to learn more about the compact charging case!

New Tech Items

The Beltone Jabra Enhance™ is at the convergence of world-class hearing expertise and cutting-edge audio technology. The Jabra Enhance™ Series offers a variety of new tech solutions to help those who need a little amplification in busy environments to those who are looking for a full hearing solution.

With enhanced audibility and effortless call and music streaming, the Jabra Enhance™ is the latest in hearing aid technology.

Call us at (888) 906-5246 or schedule your appointment online today to learn more about the Beltone Jabra Enhance™ and to try them on at any of our locations.

New Tech Items

Ready to Hear More from Life?

If you're interested in giving the Beltone Jabra Enhance™ hearing aid a try or want to learn more about it, give Beltone South a call today. Our helpful hearing care specialists can assist you in finding the right hearing aid solution to meet all of your individual needs.