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Beltone South is the winner of Chattanooga’s Official People’s Choice Award for Best of the Best four years in a row.

Best of Award

Beltone South offers 10 convenient locations serving the Tennessee area. Our patient care is second to none, and we are committed to providing our patients with the highest level of service and quality products in the industry. In a 500 Beltone South patients survey, we received nearly a 100% satisfaction rating with the way the patient was greeted over the phone and once in the office and over a 98% satisfaction rating with the service received and knowledge of the Hearing Aid Specialist.

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“We moved to Knoxville from Florida. While in Florida I purchased 2 Beltone hearing aids. I had them for a very short period of time and got rid of them, in spite of the enormous fee I paid. They did not work. I could not get satisfaction or help from the office I bought them from. While here in Knoxville I received a flyer from Beltone. It had the newest and smallest hearing aid featured.

My hearing was getting worse, so I called and asked about this new device. to make a long story short, I actually made an appointment to have the test. I went to the office of a woman named Jennifer Gannaway. She gave me a hearing test totally unlike the one I had in Florida. It was thorough and complete and the results were obvious.

I left and returned later after deciding to try again, feeling this office was more responsible towards the patient. When I returned Jennifer was gone and a Mr Mike Murphy was managing the office. We talked. I told him of my past experience and he was quite disturbed by it.

He explained everything to me, showed me all the products and took the time to make me feel like I mattered. I finally purchased the 2 hearing aids, the Bluetooth and the personal audio link. I just completed my third visit with him and everything is perfect.

The equipment is working great, he displayed a great sense of caring for me and my total satisfaction for the product. He has taken the time to care and insure that my aids are working properly – something I DID NOT get in Florida.

Customer Satisfaction

I cannot thank Mike enough for what he has done. I want you to know that you have, in Mike, an excellent representative for the Company and in one the patient can rely and trust. I feel very fortunate that I responded to that mailer and found Jennifer and Mike.

Thank you so much. P.S. I will not divulge the name of the office in Florida as I only used them to show the difference in the service and compassion shown by Mike.”

Phil Young
Knoxville Patient

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