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Beltone Hearing Aids
Making Your Hearing Aids Feel More Comfortable
One of the best ways to help ease the burden of adapting to new hearing aids is to ensure that you're getting the best fit possible.
Tinnitus at Night
Why is Tinnitus Worse at Night?
Many people will experience ringing in their ears at one point or another throughout their lifetime. If it affects your sleep, it's time to get some help.
Hearing Aids and Insurance
How To See If My Insurance Covers Hearing Care
Understanding how insurance coverage works for your new hearing aids can help to make the process of obtaining them a real breeze.
What Type of Hearing Loss is a Cookie-Bite?
Having cookie-bite hearing loss can mean your hearing falls between a certain Hz range. Learn more about cookie-bite hearing loss at Beltone South!
Hearing Aids Holiday
Being Thankful For Your Hearing Aids This Holiday
When it comes to socializing with family and friends during the holidays, don't forget to thank your hearing aids. Learn more!
5 Spooky Fictions About Hearing Aids
If you think wearing hearing aids is scary, wait until you discover that not owning a pair due to stigmas around it is scarier to your overall health.