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Tinnitus Relief
The Link Between Tinnitus and Mental Health
Studies have shown a clear association between tinnitus and mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression, and decreased quality of life.
Woman talking with doctor about hearing loss and menopause
The Connection Between Hearing Loss and Menopause
Hot flashes and mood swings are often associated with menopause, but recent studies suggest that hearing loss may also be linked to this transition.
Vitamins and Minerals
Can Vitamin D Deficiency Cause Tinnitus?
While the causes of tinnitus vary, recent studies have explored the connection between vitamin D deficiencies and the worsening of tinnitus symptoms.
Parkinsons disease
The Connection Between Hearing Loss and Parkinson's Disease
Hearing loss is a common condition that can have various causes. One such condition that has been linked to hearing loss is Parkinson's disease.
Audiology Awareness Month
Celebrate National Audiology Awareness Month
National Audiology Awareness Month is a time to educate people about audiological function, promote hearing health, and encourage regular hearing exams.
Can Vitamins Help With Noise-Induced Hearing Loss?
While prevention is key, recent studies have explored the benefits of certain vitamins and minerals in supporting hearing health and preventing NIHL.