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beltone hearing aids

How to Put Together Parts on a Beltone Hearing Aid

Beltone is a well-known business that has manufactured many types of hearing aids, and the company owns more than 1,500 care centers located in the United States. Beltone offers mobile applications, various kinds of accessories, and innovative solutions. Sometimes, a hearing aid may require multiple repairs, and you could bring the hearing aid to a Beltone care center. Alternatively, you can attempt to perform minor repairs, and if you follow these guidelines, you may be able to replace several components, test the hearing aid and perform routine maintenance.

Replacing the Battery

If you need to install a new battery, you should open the small door located within the hearing aid. Subsequently, you can remove the protective foil from the new battery. The door should remain open for at least five minutes. Fresh air will reach the battery, and typically, the air can increase the battery life by more than 15 percent.

Subsequently, you should insert the battery into the appropriate slot, and you can seal the small door that will protect the battery. The Beltone hearing aids provide several signals that could indicate the level of electricity within the battery. When the battery contains an insufficient amount of electricity, you should quickly install another battery.

Inserting the Earmold

Once you receive a new earmold, you may slowly insert the earmold into the ear canal, and you can gently twist the earmold. Afterward, you could place the main component of the hearing aid behind your ear, and the hearing aid should comfortably rest on the helix of the ear. Usually, the earmold will contain plastic, lightweight materials, and acrylic, which can substantially improve the comfort of the patient's ear(s).

Installing the Main Wire and Testing the Beltone Hearing Aids

After you insert the earmold, you can place the main wire into the ear canal. You may gradually push the wire toward the earmold, yet you should never twist the wire. If you insert the wire, you can utilize the multipurpose button that will allow you to control the hearing aid. You may increase the volume, adjust the settings of the device and reconfigure the innovative button.

Cleaning the Beltone Hearing Aids and Reducing Moisture

Your Beltone hearing aids should be frequently cleaned. You can utilize dry cloths that will quickly remove moisture. Occasionally, moisture may affect the hearing aid's performance, decrease the volume, damage the receiver, and reduce the durability of the earmold. Fortunately, Beltone provides a protective coating that can decrease excessive moisture. The durable coating could also withstand sweat, earwax, numerous types of debris, and high temperatures.

Finding a Beltone Care Center and Repairing the Beltone Hearing Aids

When a hearing aid malfunctions, contact a hearing aid specialist at any of our Beltone South locations. Our specialists could inspect the hearing aid, evaluate the cause of the problem, describe the necessary repairs, and provide a free estimate. They can also repair the hearing aid, replace several components, and examine the hearing aid's performance. Contact us today!