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Why You Should Protect Your Ears at Music Festivals

Music festivals are a great way to socialize and enjoy amazing sounds and sights. While you're certainly welcome to have fun at your favorite music festivals and events, we also want to remind you to be mindful of your hearing health. According to some estimates, the average decibel level at concerts and festivals is around 100, which has the potential to contribute to noticeable hearing loss. Read on to learn more about protecting your ears at music festivals.

The Resulting Hearing Loss Can Affect Your Daily Life

Many communities have noise ordinances. Still, it's not easy to control sound levels at festivals. Even if the music isn't at ear-piercing levels, prolonged exposure to louder sounds can contribute to temporary hearing loss. Also, if you regularly attend festivals, concerts, or similar events, recurring issues with temporary hearing loss can have a longer-term impact on your hearing. The result could be hearing impairment that's not so temporary.

Alcohol Impairs the Ability to Determine Loudness

If you consume alcohol while attending a music festival, you may have a hard time telling how loud certain sounds are at any given moment. This is because alcohol affects the brain's ability to interpret volume levels. In other words, you may be right by a loud band or area and not fully realize just how much volume you're being exposed to.

Wear Earplugs

One of the simplest steps to protect your ears at music festivals is to wear earplugs. You can always go with whatever is available or handed out at the event. If this isn't an option, there are many different types of affordable and disposable earplugs you can buy and use. You'll still be able to hear the music, but the decibel level getting into your ears will be reduced. Another option is to wear noise-canceling headphones to minimize decibel exposure.

Stay Away from Really Loud Areas (and Take Noise Breaks)

Pay attention to your surroundings and make an effort to move away from areas with a lot of noise. Also, make an effort to take breaks from the noise when possible. For instance, you might go to your campsite or the parking area now and then to give your ears a break.

Scope Out Your Spots Ahead of Time

When possible, do some planning to pick and choose where you'll be hanging out at an upcoming festival. Try to avoid areas likely to be excessively crowded, and avoid areas right in front of the stages. Most festivals have large screens that still give you a clear view of the various artists, so you won't be missing anything if you hang out away from stages. Additionally, we recommend:

  • Being mindful of your alcohol consumption.
  • Consider noise-isolating ear defenders if you have existing hearing issues – or for children coming with you.
  • Giving your ears time to recover after attending a festival by watching noise exposure.

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Whether or not you plan to attend music festivals in the near future, it's important to address any concerns you may have about your hearing health sooner rather than later. Reach out to Beltone South to learn more about what's going on with your hearing if you have any concerns. We offer a wide range of discrete and customizable hearing aids for your consideration.

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