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Beltone Hearing Aids

Making Your Hearing Aids Feel More Comfortable

When you first get your new hearing aids, it can be overwhelming for your brain to adapt. You may find yourself having trouble concentrating, to say the least. One of the best ways to help adapt to new hearing aids is to ensure that you're getting the best fit possible.

Why Get the Proper Fit?

One of the biggest factors that has an impact on how well your hearing device work is if they're fitted. You should always invest in hearing devices that a hearing professional has fit to your ears. Your hearing care professional will conduct a series of tests. This is to ensure that you're getting the proper fit for your ear. Hearing devices that aren't fitted can make it hard for sound waves to travel through the ear. This can make it hard for the brain to process sound.

Understand the Basics of Operation

When you first start using your new hearing devices, they may not be as comfortable as you may like. One of the best ways to reduce that uncomfortable feeling is by learning the basics of the operation. You need to understand how to address the different settings, how to insert them in your ears, and so forth. It makes it much easier to work with your new hearing aids instead of against them.

Take It Slow

You'll likely want to jump in and have your hearing aids helping you hear all the sounds around you better. But, it's important that you take it slow. Your ears and your brain need time to adapt to hearing new noises that they're not used to. Give yourself some time to get comfortable with these new noises. Discover how your hearing aids work to treat your hearing loss before you set goals for the future.

Most hearing aid wearers find that it's easiest to wear their hearing aids for a set amount of time each day. Then, they increase that amount of wearing time over time. Don't be afraid to take breaks from time to time if you're struggling in certain environments. Having a well-rested brain is vital when adapting to new hearing aids in a comfortable manner.

Practice Makes Perfect

When you wear hearing aids in some environments, you'll notice how different they are. It can help to set goals for practicing your hearing aids in different types of situations. That way, you can get used to them. You may want to use your hearing aids at home first, where it's more of a controlled environment.

Then, you may want to go out for a meal at a quiet restaurant with your spouse to practice using your hearing aids there. Practice using your hearing aids in all different types of situations. That way, you can become more familiar and comfortable with them.

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