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Hearing Aids Insurance

Getting Hearing Aids with Insurance: Are You Covered?

Hearing aids can be life-changing devices for those who need them, allowing them to hear conversations more clearly. A good hearing aid can easily increase your quality of life, as you can watch TV or listen to the radio and hear the words again, chat with your friends and loved ones on the phone, and have enriching face-to-face conversations without having to ask that person to continually repeat themselves.

Are Hearing Aids Covered by Insurance?

However, hearing aids can be expensive too, as some retail for hundreds and sometimes even thousands of dollars. If you have health insurance, you may not think that you have to pay for the cost of a hearing aid out-of-pocket, but you’d be surprised. Depending on the type of healthcare coverage you have, your insurance may not pay for your hearing aid. If you do receive coverage, it could be limited.

For example, some health insurance providers may allow you to get a discount if you shop for a hearing aid from certain manufacturers. Other insurance providers may cover a portion of your hearing aid costs, perhaps a few hundred dollars and sometimes more. If that coverage isn’t enough, you would have to pay for the difference yourself.

Get in Touch with Beltone South

If you’ve recently been diagnosed with hearing damage or loss, don’t guess about whether your health insurance provider will pay for your hearing aid. Get in touch today and ask. If you want to save money, you should choose Beltone South for your hearing aid needs.

This company, with a dozen hearing centers in Tennessee, has served area residents for more than 50 years. Beltone South is a branch of more than 1,500 Beltone hearing centers across the United States. While some hearing aid companies may make you pay for a hearing test (and some insurance providers cover the cost of this test), at Beltone South, you can get your hearing screening absolutely free.

Just contact Beltone South by email or phone to schedule your appointment at your convenience. During this screening, a hearing professional will assess your level of hearing damage based on your environment, your symptoms, and your lifestyle choices. The hearing aids from Beltone South are award-winning and renowned for their ability to restore hearing and work with modern devices like smartphones.

These include the Beltone Amaze, the Beltone Imagine, and the Beltone Rely. Before you buy any Beltone hearing aids, you can try them on a free trial basis to decide if they are a good fit for you. You can then discuss the cost of a Beltone hearing aid with your health insurance provider. What are you waiting for? Schedule your free hearing screening with Beltone South today.