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How Much Can Hearing Aids Help With Profound Hearing Loss?
Discover the signs and causes of profound hearing loss. Find out whether hearing aids can help with profound hearing loss at Beltone South.
How to Treat Hearing Loss Due to Seasonal Allergies
If you suffer from seasonal allergies, there's a chance you may also be experiencing hearing loss. Learn more about how you can remedy the symptoms.
5 Surprising Causes of Hearing Loss You Might Not Know About
The causes of hearing loss can happen through many factors outside of high-frequency sounds. This includes alcohol consumption, stress, and more!
5 Ways You Can Enjoy Valentine's Day with Hearing Loss
Don't let the effects of hearing loss ruin your Valentine's Day plans. Here are five ideas on how to celebrate Valentine's Day with your loved one.
Can Cold Weather Cause Hearing Loss?
The cold weather can cause many things such as frosted fingers, a runny nose, and frozen ears. Learn more to see if cold weather can cause hearing loss.
Can Ear Infections Cause Permanent Hearing Loss?
Ear infections can be caused by illnesses like cold and flu. Learn more about the link of ear infections and hearing loss at Beltone South.
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