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Hearing Aids and Insurance

How To See If My Insurance Covers Hearing Care

Your hearing is a very important aspect of your well-being. If you have trouble hearing, your audiologist may recommend hearing aids. Unfortunately, hearing care and hearing aids aren't always covered by insurance. Understanding how insurance coverage works for hearing aids can make getting them easier.

Hearing Aids and Insurance Coverage

With health insurance, each state decides what insurance companies must cover. Adult hearing device coverage is only mandatory in three states. These include Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and Arkansas. In these states, they are only for those with diagnosed hearing loss.

While the other states aren't required to cover hearing care, some policies do. As of 2017, there were 11 other states that covered the price of hearing devices for those with hearing loss. California, Montana, Minnesota, Texas, and Vermont are on this list. Illinois, South Dakota, Indiana, Nevada, New York, and Ohio are also included.

Check with your individual private insurance provider to determine what coverages they offer. Some may not cover your hearing aids at all, while others may cover them up to a specific dollar amount. Your best bet is to read through your policy. Talk with your private insurance company to determine your coverage level.

Medicare and Medicaid

While Medicare allows you to get hearing care services, it doesn't cover hearing aids. But, Medicaid will cover hearing devices for adults. Those who have a disability or don't make a whole lot of money will usually qualify for Medicaid. It pays to check to see if you qualify for one of these programs.

Veteran Benefits

If you're a retired veteran or an immediate family member of one, that status many cover your hearing care. You'll need to be a member in an active VA health care program. You will also need a prescription for hearing devices by a licensed VA audiologist. You can speak to your local Veteran's Affairs office or learn more about coverages online at

In-Store Financing

When you undergo a hearing exam, they will have in-store financing programs. This makes obtaining hearing devices more affordable for your budget. The average hearing aid ranging from $1,500 to $3,500. Because of the price, most people need some sort of financing to help break up the investment over time.

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