• How to Wear a Face Mask With Your Hearing Aids

    August 14, 2020

    The often mandatory masks are uncomfortable and cause various problems. Since we know that it will help, we have all come together and are making an effort to wear them. Older adults and people with weaker immune systems have much to consider. Those with diminished hearing struggle with face masks, and wearing a mask can be challenging for hearing aid wearers. We have some helpful tips on making wearing hearing aids and face masks together a little easier.

    Ways To Make Masks Easier To Wear With Hearing Aids

    Cloth Face Masks

    The cloth face masks with four tie straps may be more comfortable. One set can tie at the top of your head and the other at the back. This type of mask won’t touch your hearing aids.

    Use Buttons

    Some people prefer not to wear cloth masks, and you can make the elastic straps less of a problem. One way is to use buttons to loop the straps over. You can sew buttons onto a small strip of cloth, The pressure of the mask and the elastic around the buttons hold it in place at the back of your head.

    Tie Your Hair Up

    Others found that putting their hair into a bun or a ponytail, above the ears, helps with looping the elastic straps from disposable masks around the gathered hair. You can connect the two elastic straps at the back of your head with a paper clip or anything else that will lay flat and comfortably against your head.

    Other Alternatives

    If none of these ideas will work for you and you need to wear the elastic on your ears, try putting the mask on first, then putting on your hearing aids. Putting on the mask first helps the straps lay flat against your skin and not across the top of your hearing aids.

    Other Helpful Information To Know About Wearing Masks With Elastic Straps

    One of the worst problems caused by the elastic straps on a face cover is that they can cause the hearing aid to be lost when removing it. Wait until you return home and have an open area to remove your mask. That way, if one of your hearing aids gets tangled in the elastic strap, it will be easier to find on the floor of your home.

    Contact Us

    Even after this pandemic passes, face masks will probably stick around for health reasons. Over time they will evolve and improve. While we wait, we want them to be as comfortable and as easy to wear as possible. We can answer questions for you and give you other suggestions for making things easier. Give us a call for more information.

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