• How to Host a Hearing-Friendly Holiday Dinner

    December 3, 2020

    The holiday season is one of the most exciting times to look forward to. When you are looking to plan a hearing-friendly holiday gathering for your family and friends, you can follow a few tips that will make it easier for you to enjoy your time with your family without concerns about anybody feeling isolated.

    1. Keep the Noise Down

    When you are looking to host a gathering of family and friends, it is easy to allow the ambiance to become a problem for your hearing impaired guests. Background noise can come from several areas, including holiday music, television, or people talking loudly. Limiting these problems and lowering the noise in and around the party location, your guests affected by hearing loss will feel included.

    Quiet areas in your home are a good idea for you when you are looking to include a guest who needs to be focused entirely on the person they are talking to. Quiet areas allow a hearing impaired guest to engage with others without asking for phrases to be repeated.

    1. Choose the Correct Environment

    When you are looking to allow every guest at your gathering to feel part of your event. The best option is to choose a round table instead of a square to make it easier for those affected by hearing loss to face every guest and to be aware when others are talking to them.

    Alongside the use of a table that allows inclusion for all guests, you should seek to make life as easy as possible by limiting the use of dimmed lighting.

    1. Choose Hearing-Friendly Dinnerware

    When a party or gathering is taking place, you will have many options for making your party go off with a bang. Even the choices you make regarding the dinnerware you use can affect your guests’ ability to have a good time. The noise of dinner plates clinking against cutlery can be a tough one if a guest uses a hearing aid and will limit the enjoyment they have at your gathering.

    If you or a loved one have questions regarding hearing loss, contact a specialist at Beltone South for a free hearing exam so you can enjoy the company around you this holiday season.

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