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Hearing Test

How To Convince Someone To Get Their Hearing Checked

While hearing loss is often thought of as a personal health issue, it spans much further than that. Anyone can tell you the struggles of talking with those who have hearing loss. If you have a person in your life with symptoms of hearing loss, you want to help them. We're going to reveal some tips on how to get them to get their hearing checked via a professional hearing test.

Do Some Research First

It can pay to take some time to learn about hearing loss and how it's treated. But, there is a big reason that people refuse to get their hearing checked. It's because they don't know what's included in the test. By doing your own research on the subject, you can explain what the hearing test involves to put their mind at ease. Their fears will dissipate as the unknown of a hearing test leaves their mind.

Be Careful With Your Timing

When you decide to approach a loved one about getting a check of their hearing, you want to do so at a great time. Avoid times of the day when they're stressed about other issues. Plan for discussing a prospective hearing check at a quiet and peaceful time. They will be more prone to listen to your concerns without apprehension.

Discuss Enhanced Hearing Benefits

It can be very helpful to supply your loved one with some useful information. Try to highlight the benefits of having their issues treated by an audiologist. Look at studies that show that treating hearing loss reduces cognitive decline. It can even prevent or slow down the progression of dementia. Getting a hearing test and undergoing treatment can enhance relationships and marriages. It can even boost their earning potential in the workplace.

Talk About New Technology Features

You will also want to discuss some of the latest technology features that hearing aids come with. With some, you can stream phone calls to their hearing aids to filter out background noises. The cutting-edge technology in newer hearing aids can motivate a loved one to undergo a check.

Offer to Assist Them

You'll also want your loved one to know that you'll support them on their journey to improve their hearing. Offer to find and schedule an appointment with a local audiologist. You may even want to offer to go with them during their initial appointment. You can help to communicate with the audiologist throughout the check. When your loved one feels like they're not alone, they'll be more likely to get their hearing checked.

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If someone you know is struggling with hearing loss, then it's time to contact us. Let our helpful hearing care professionals check their ears. We can provide them with treatment options to meet their individualized needs.