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Audiology Awareness Month

Celebrate National Audiology Awareness Month

October is an important month for discussing the importance of hearing health. It is National Audiology Awareness Month. It's a time to promote hearing health and encourage regular hearing exams. In this blog, we explore what National Audiology Awareness Month is all about. We discuss why hearing is so important and when you should consider getting a hearing exam.

Understanding National Audiology Awareness Month

National Audiology Awareness Month is an annual observance that takes place in October. The American Academy of Audiology created this to raise awareness about hearing-related issues. During this month, various organizations, healthcare professionals, and advocacy groups come together. They provide resources, education, and activities to highlight the significance of hearing health.

The Importance of Audiological Function

Audiological function refers to the mechanisms and processes involved in hearing. Our ears play a vital role in our ability to communicate. We need to hear to connect with others and navigate the world around us. Clear and accurate hearing is crucial for effective communication. It enables us to understand and engage in conversations and social interactions. 

Our ears act as a warning system. They alert us to dangers in our environment, such as sirens, alarms, or moving vehicles. Maintaining good audiological function helps ensure our safety in various situations. Hearing loss can have a significant impact on our quality of life. It can lead to isolation, frustration, and reduced participation in daily activities. By taking care of our audiological health, we can preserve our quality of life and enjoy all that life has to offer.

When to Get a Hearing Exam

Regular hearing exams are important, especially as you get older. They help to detect any potential hearing loss or other audiological issues. Here are some signs that it may be time to schedule a hearing exam.

  • Difficulty Understanding Speech. If you can't understand conversations, especially in noisy environments, you need a hearing exam. It could be a sign of hearing loss.
  • Frequent Asking for Repetition. If you ask people to repeat themselves or can't understand others, schedule a hearing exam. It may be a sign of underlying hearing difficulties or hearing loss.
  • Ringing or Buzzing Sounds. Tinnitus is often described as a ringing, buzzing, or other sounds in the ears. Unfortunately, it can be a symptom of certain audiological conditions. If you experience persistent tinnitus, it is advisable to consult with an audiologist.
  • Exposure to Loud Noises. If you have been around loud noises for a long time, you should get a hearing exam. It is crucial to track your hearing health. Consider regular check-ups to detect any early signs of damage.

Even if you don't notice any immediate signs or symptoms, you should still consider a hearing exam. Regular hearing exams can help establish a baseline for your hearing health. Your doctors can use this to track any changes in your audiological health over time.

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National Audiology Awareness Month reminds us of the importance of hearing health. By taking proactive steps to care for our ears, we can help to preserve our hearing. If you notice issues with your hearing, reach out to our qualified audiologist. We can give you a hearing exam and recommend the right treatment options for you. Celebrate National Audiology Awareness Month by prioritizing your hearing health. Come into any Beltone South location for your annual hearing test today. Together, we can help everyone have access to necessary hearing resources. With us, you can get the support you need to maintain healthy hearing throughout your life.