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Can Hearing Aids Fully Restore Hearing Loss?

Experiencing some degree of hearing loss isn't unusual. In fact, it's estimated nearly 50 million Americans already have a hearing impairment. While medical treatments and similar options only help about 5 percent of patients in the United States, hearing aids can make a much-appreciated difference for many people with hearing-loss. Hearing aids don't fully restore hearing, but they can certainly improve your daily quality of life.

Hearing Loss Isn't 'Cured' (But It Can Be Managed)

There is technically no "cure" for hearing loss - at least not with an impairment that has already occurred. This isn't the same as what's often possible with temporary hearing loss, like what you might experience after attending a loud concert. It's longer-term hearing impairment, like what's often caused by age-related issues, that's usually manageable with hearing aids.

Hearing Aid Adjustment Takes Time

You will definitely notice some significant improvements with hearing aids that are properly fitted and adjusted to your ears. However, this process takes some time. An audiologist or hearing care professional can help you with this process. Hearing is subjective to some degree. For this reason, it can be helpful to be as descriptive as possible during your routine follow-up visits once you've been fitted for hearing aids.

Retraining Your Brain

Another reason why it takes time to notice improvements with hearing aids is that you are essentially retraining your brain. As hearing loss occurs over time, the human brain adjusts to compensate for the impairment. If hearing impairment was an issue for you for many years - or even just a few years - it will take some time for amplification to naturally adjust as your brain gets used to interpreting sounds and tones again.

Learning to Adapt as You Adjust

As your brain adjusts to having access to clearer sounds and tones, there are some ways you can help with this process. Make an effort to pay attention to all the sounds around you. Pay particular attention to close-by and more distant sounds. Further improve your ability to restore as much of your hearing as possible by:

  • Minimizing background distractions
  • Using your hearing aid features - e.g., Bluetooth connections, specialized settings, etc.
  • Paying attention to people as they speak to improve your ability to pick up on speech patterns and related tones

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