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Hearing Aids Holiday

Being Thankful For Your Hearing Aids This Holiday

There's much to be thankful for during the holiday season. This is a list that should include your hearing aids. From having more productive conversations to picking up on sounds you were missing before, hearing aids can make a very much appreciated difference. Below, we take a moment to review why you should be thankful for your hearing aids.

Better Family Conversations

Holiday meals can get fairly noisy with so much hustle and bustle and random conversations. Hearing aids that are properly adjusted make it much easier to pick up on various tones and sounds in crowded situations. Moreover, newer hearing aids have directional microphones that allow you to pick up sounds from different directions. This comes in handy when people are swirling around a busy holiday table.

Be Less Reliant On Others

There's nothing wrong with asking for help now and then from others. However, you may be a bit embarrassed to ask other family members and friends to repeat what was just said in a conversation you didn't fully hear. With hearing aids that are correctly adjusted and maintained, you can be more independent, which is undoubtedly an excellent way to feel during holiday gatherings.

Earn More

According to research by the Better Hearing Institute, individuals with hearing aids have the potential to earn more. In fact, the risk of earning less due to hearing impairment drops by 90 percent. The main reason is because of the ability to comprehend directions and pick up on important details of job-related conversations, which ultimately makes you a more productive employee.

Being More Alert (and Less Sleepy)

If you have hearing health issues, your brain has to work harder to compensate. Over time, all this extra work within the part of your brain that handles hearing and sound interpretation can make you more sleepy and less alert. Hearing aids give your brain a much-appreciated rest, which means you're more likely to get a good night's sleep regularly. This also comes in handy when driving to family gatherings since being sleepy behind the wheel presents serious safety concerns. Plus, you'll be able to hear oncoming traffic better, which is beneficial given how there tends to be more traffic during the holiday season.

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Let the hearing care specialists from Beltone South make your holiday season more productive and enjoyable. We can do this with a routine hearing air checkup or discuss your options with first-time or replacement hearing aids.

On a related note, today's hearing aids are incredibly advanced, including many features that make daily life even more accessible. We'll gladly take the time to discuss what's new so you can decide if you prefer to upgrade your current hearing aids to take advantage of newer hearing aid technology. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.