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A Lifetime of Care and Protection

Beltone BelCare LogoCentral to a rewarding Beltone Experience is BelCare™—a program of ongoing care and protection that covers you for the life of your hearing aids. From your first hearing screening, through all the years you own your Beltone hearing aids, your BelCare™ benefits assure you attention at any one of over 1500 participating Beltone Hearing Care Centers, nationwide.

BelCare™ provides for your hearing health—and protects your investment—in 12 valuable ways. No other company offers the same level of commitment.

BelCare™ Benefits Include:

  1.   Annual Beltone Hearing Evaluation
    BelCare ConsultationReceive annual comprehensive hearing evaluations using a nationally standardized protocol, at no cost to you. This 6-step evaluation is designed to ascertain hearing loss, and determine your eligibility for hearing aids. Your practitioner will explain each step of the hearing evaluation, and what it aims to accomplish. Upon completion, your test results will be thoroughly explained to you, with absolutely no obligation on your part.
  2.   BelCare™ Lifetime Care
    For as long as you own your Beltone hearing aids, you’re eligible to receive follow-up care at over 1500 Beltone Hearing Care Centers throughout North America. Our BelCare™ Lifetime Care program includes complimentary annual hearing screenings, and free hearing aid inspections and cleanings, as necessary.
  3.   30-Day Refund Policy
    While Beltone is dedicated to total patient satisfaction, we realize that adjustment to amplification can be difficult in some very rare cases. Therefore, within 30 days of the date of delivery, any Beltone hearing aids may be returned in their original condition, less reasonable wear, to the Beltone Hearing Care Center of purchase.
  4.   Patient Care Phone Line
    Your Beltone practitioner is deeply committed to providing you with ongoing service. Should you have any questions about your hearing aids, your Beltone practitioner is always ready to help! If you’re traveling or vacationing and your hearing aids need service, our Beltone patient care representatives are happy to assist you. Just call our toll-free number: 1-800-BELTONE (1-800-235-8663).
  5.   Minimum Loss Required for Hearing Aids
    Your Beltone practitioner guarantees not to fit you with hearing aids unless your hearing loss is severe enough to warrant such a recommendation. Before your practitioner recommends Beltone hearing aids, your audiogram must indicate a hearing loss that falls within a range treatable with hearing aids.
  6.   Quality Control Review
    To ensure you are fit with hearing aids customized to your individual hearing loss, your audiogram and fitting recommendations will be reviewed and approved by a licensed hearing instrument specialist, an audiologist, or an audioprosthologist.
  7.   Establishing Expectations
    A smooth adjustment to wearing new hearing aids requires patience. To help you through this period, your Beltone practitioner will provide a program of personal counseling and aftercare. Your Beltone practitioner will also explain the benefits and limitations you can reasonably expect from your hearing aids.
  8.   Adapting to New Hearing Aids
    To help you smoothly adapt to your new hearing aids, your Beltone practitioner will institute a follow-up schedule, based on your needs. This will ensure that your hearing aids are optimally adjusted for your hearing loss, and that your adjustment to amplified hearing is proceeding well.
  9.   Better Hearing Verification
    Your Beltone practitioner is committed to helping you enjoy the best hearing possible with your new hearing aids. To document your improvement with hearing instruments, your Beltone practitioner will conduct further testing within 30 days after you receive your hearing aids.
  10.   Warranty and ‘Lost, Stolen and Damaged’ Coverage
    Your Beltone hearing aids are covered by a Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty for one year. Additionally, you’ll receive one full year of ‘Lost, Stolen, or Damaged’ Protection. Your Beltone practitioner will explain these coverages, and also explain how to extend these coverages.
  11.   Two-Year Protection for Change in Hearing Loss
    If a new hearing test reveals a permanent and measurable increase in sensorineural hearing loss within two years of your original hearing aid purchase, Beltone will provide you with a more powerful hearing aid at no charge to you.
  12.   Code of Ethics
    All participating BelCare™ practitioners have signed a Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct document in which they commit themselves to promoting and preserving the highest standards of ethical, compassionate hearing care.

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