Next Steps to Better Hearing

Better Hearing HealthDo you believe you have hearing loss and wondering what you should do next? It’s a good sign that you want to take action, and there is plenty that you can do about it. With a little help from the hearing specialists at Beltone South, you can quickly regain a high quality of hearing . All it takes is four simple steps.

4 Simple Steps

First, it’s important to understand that hearing loss isn’t just inconvenient and frustrating. It can cause a range of hazards and health problems and has been linked to Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. So the sooner you start on the path to improved hearing, the better.

  1.   Schedule a Free Hearing Screening: A licensed hearing professional at your nearest Beltone location can go through your health and hearing history and then give you a hearing evaluation.
  2.   Get a lifestyle assessment: When you get your hearing evaluation, you can also get a lifestyle assessment, which goes over your priorities, and your typical weekly or daily activities.
  3.   Explore solutions: You’ll have plenty of hearing aid options, and we’ll help you narrow them down to what’s best for you. Be sure to spend some time considering comfort, aesthetics, and costs.
  4.   Try a demo model: Once we’ve helped you narrow your options, you can try a demonstration model in our office. This way, you can hear for yourself what works best for you.

Contact us at (888) 906-5246 or use our online form to schedule your hearing evaluation with a certified Beltone South audiologist today.

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