Next Steps to Better Hearing

Better Hearing HealthDo you believe you have hearing loss and wondering what you should do next? It’s a good sign that you want to take action, and there is plenty that you can do about it. With a little help from the hearing specialists at Beltone South, you can quickly regain a high quality of hearing . All it takes is four simple steps.

4 Simple Steps

First, it’s important to understand that hearing loss isn’t just inconvenient and frustrating. It can cause a range of hazards and health problems and has been linked to Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. So the sooner you start on the path to improved hearing, the better.

  1.   Schedule a Free Hearing Screening: A licensed hearing professional at your nearest Beltone location can go through your health and hearing history and then give you a hearing evaluation.
  2.   Get a lifestyle assessment: When you get your hearing evaluation, you can also get a lifestyle assessment, which goes over your priorities, and your typical weekly or daily activities.
  3.   Explore solutions: You’ll have plenty of hearing options, and we’ll help you narrow them down to what’s best for you. Be sure to spend some time considering comfort, aesthetics, and costs.
  4.   Try a demo model: Once we’ve helped you narrow your options, you can try a demonstration model in our office. This way, you can hear for yourself what works best for you.

Contact us at (888) 906-5246 or use our online form to schedule your hearing evaluation with a certified Beltone South audiologist today.

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