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Our Beltone South hearing aid center has been offering hearing aid services since 1940 providing our customers with state-of-the-art hearing solutions. From new hearing aids to repairs, we want to play our part in providing a richer, more active lifestyle for you. Sit down with our team of professionals and get tailored solutions for your unique needs.

BelCare is Peace of Mind

Your Beltone hearing care comes from years of experience. This means you can have them serviced whenever you have a problem from one of our many locations. They even come with a 30-day refund option from date of delivery.

Free inspections, cleanings, and annual hearing screenings are part of the services our customers receive. We have a patient care representative available at our toll-free number to help our patients whether they’re on vacation or at home.

All of our audiograms and fittings are reviewed and approved by a licensed audiologist or audioprosthologist. This ensures our patients receive the right hearing aid for their needs.

Premier Hearing Care Partner

There’s a reason we maintain a 95% customer service rating. Our patients come first and we work hard to ensure they continue to receive the same dedication throughout our services. From the moment you walk in our doors, every customer is entitled to the following benefits:

• Nationwide coverage
• Free baseline hearing screening
• Annual evaluations
BelCare backed free aftercare program

Person to Person

The fear of losing your hearing can be a traumatic experience for anyone. We are here to help you find a solution with detailed testing and analysis. Whether the loss is natural, job-related, or due to an illness, we review each case individually in order to provide the best possible care.

Our care doesn’t stop when you go home. We have over 1500 locations available to answer any questions or offer repairs if necessary. Call (800) 235-8663  to find hearing aid center near you.

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