• The Latest Hearing Aid Advances

    September 1, 2018

    Beltone South | Dementia & Hearing Loss
    If you’re looking around for your first hearing aids, or are already a user but looking for an upgrade then this list is for you. For those who have the regular kind of hearing aids, you’d be glad to know basic hearing aid systems allow for simple amplification of sounds.

    However, a lot of technological advancements have been made recently, not just to improve sound quality but with features that cater to specific lifestyles. They cover different functions from work and productivity to music and athleticism. Because of this, there might be some that don’t suit you but also others that do.

    Connect To The Internet

    With wristwatches and even appliances connecting to the internet, this was a feature to be expected. Now mostly anything from watches to televisions can go online. Most of us can’t imagine our life if our mobile phones were unable to link with the world wide web. Now the manufacturer called Oticon has developed hearing aids that are wifi-capable.

    Surprisingly, the inventors had more in mind than simply listening to music or your favorite tv shows, although you can do that with this. Their main advantage is connecting to appliances and warning systems in your home. Your hearing aid will notify you when the doorbell is ringing, and when your pie is done baking no matter where you are in your home.


    Don’t have time to make a trip to your audiologist but you need an adjustment to be made? You don’t necessarily need to be within reach of a healthcare professional for this. Now customizations may be made through a special application that allows patients to share information on the current status of their hearing aids. The specialist can then view this and upload the needed settings into the app for the patients to then sync with their listening devices.

    Feedback Management

    No one who has hearing aids is exempt from experiencing the annoying whistling sound, also known as “feedback.” This is caused by sound waves that find their way back out and are amplified several times. You’ve most likely heard the sound of sharp static at a party or concert when the microphone gets too close to the speakers. It’s unpleasant and painful to the ear. Now, imagine having this sound coming directly from your hearing aid.

    Traditional systems for this would minimize amplification to minimize the chances of feedback but newer versions now allow this whistling noise to be canceled out without sacrificing the amplifying capabilities of the device. With this upgrade, you wouldn’t have to worry about it at all.

    A disability in perceiving sound doesn’t mean you don’t get to live a great life. You can very well do so with the help of hearing aids. You can even better enjoy the things others do with new features and those that are soon to come. Remember how texting was meant for those with hearing disabilities but is now the latest fad and everyone uses it? Maybe in the future, those with healthy ears might prefer to wear hearing aids due to the enticing innovative features.

    To know the latest in hearing aid tech, see your local audiologist. We make sure to keep our staff up-to-date at Beltone South. Call us for any questions at (888) 906-5246 or visit us at our clinic and we’ll be glad to discuss with you.

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