• Hearing Loss: Causes and Symptoms

    March 9, 2021

    Hearing loss can happen at any age. Because there are multiple different types of hearing loss, the causes and solutions can vary. Inner ear damage, loud noise, and infection are just some of the reasons for hearing loss. If you are experiencing muffled sound or a lack of audio clarity during a conversation, you may have hearing loss.

    Types of Hearing Loss

    There are three main types of hearing loss you should be aware of:

    Conductive hearing loss

    This type of hearing loss occurs when the sound waves cannot pass through the entire inner ear. This type of sound blockage can be due to earwax buildup, a foreign object, infection, or fluid. Bone abnormalities can also cause conductive hearing loss. Many times this type of hearing loss can be reversed through surgical intervention.

    Sensorineural hearing loss

    Sensorineural hearing loss can occur suddenly. A delay in treatment can mean a decrease in its efficacy. Exposure to loud noise can cause this as well. When the inner ear nerve is damaged, this can cause a muffled sound.

    Mixed hearing loss

    Mixed hearing loss happens when symptoms of both conductive and sensorineural hearing loss are present. Regardless of which type has occurred, a hearing test is required to better understand the individual’s condition.

    Common Symptoms of Hearing Loss

    Hearing loss does not necessarily mean that all sound disappears. Many people who experience hearing loss can still hear certain sounds, but the clarity may be distorted.

    Common symptoms include:

    • Trouble hearing consonants
    • Difficulty deciphering background noise
    • Needing others to speak more slowly

    These symptoms can come on gradually or happen all at once. If hearing loss occurs suddenly, a hearing specialist must examine you as soon as possible. Hearing loss can happen naturally through the aging process or from sustained noise like working in a construction site or audio engineering business.

    What Causes Hearing Loss?

    Several different reasons can cause hearing loss. Inner ear damage can cause wear and tear in the nerve cells. If hair or nerve cells are damaged, electrical signals cannot always reach the brain.

    Ear infections or even tumors can also cause hearing loss. Depending on the cause, other medical professionals may be necessary.

    Many people experience hearing loss from genetic reasons. The gene pool can make certain people susceptible to sound deterioration. Regardless of the reason, a hearing test is the best way to understand the correct diagnosis fully.

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    Hearing loss can negatively impact the quality of life. Without fully functional hearing, social events and gatherings can become more complex. To better understand the symptoms, causes, and effective treatment options, contact a Beltone South specialist today.

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