• Handling Hearing Loss During the Holidays

    November 5, 2020

    As the holidays approach, many people look forward to gathering with family and friends to share memories and reconnect. The celebrations may include special foods, gratitude expressions, and the sharing of gifts or some special expression of love for the important people in our lives.

    Seasonal music adds to the festive spirit of many gatherings, and animated conversation may take place against the musical backdrop, creating a difficult situation for people with hearing loss. A hard of hearing person can develop coping skills for getting the most out of holiday celebrations by planning ahead.

    Effective Communication Techniques

    Communication Partner

    If holiday parties are on your calendar, taking these proactive steps can help you get the most out of social interaction. Have a communication partner and ask to be seated near that person at the table. Ask your partner to keep his or her face and mouth visible to you when talking. Arrange for this person to rephrase the conversation you did not understand.

    Consult With a Specialist Before the Holiday Rush

    Setting an appointment with your audiologist close to the holidays is not the best plan. Request the appointment, preferably several months ahead of time, especially if you are about to get hearing aids or devices for the first time. This will give you time to be sure the aids are working for you and return for any needed adjustments.

    Ask your audiologist for clear instructions on the care and maintenance of your hearing aids and do a walk-through in the office with the audiologist watching. Check your supply of batteries and chargers to make sure you order replacements with ample time to receive them before the holiday activities begin.

    Be Open About Your Hearing Needs

    Share your hearing needs with others. Trust that the important people in your life will be eager to maintain communication. Above all, do not avoid parties and gatherings with friends and family. Taking part in festive holiday activities can boost our spirits and alleviate sadness and depression. Most people will be glad to make an effort to speak in a clear, audible tone and face you when speaking. If you are unsure what has been said, ask them to rephrase it for better clarity.

    Call Us For Help with All Your Hearing Needs

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