• What To Expect During A Beltone Hearing Test

    March 8, 2017

    Many people feel uneasy about taking a hearing test, as they don’t know exactly what to expect. If your doctor suggests that you undergo such a test to help you understand your hearing condition better, the last thing you should do is panic. Let this article enlighten you on the process and what you should expect during a hearing test.

    The First Step: A Personalized Hearing Health Assessment

    A personalized hearing health assessment, or PHHA as it is commonly abbreviated, would be the first thing you will need to go through in a Beltone hearing test.

    A PHHA is an evaluation tool that will provide you and your Beltone hearing care professional the information you need to take control of your hearing needs. It is through this assessment that you gain the necessary insight to make the right decisions on which hearing aid features and functions would fit best with your specific condition.

    The Test Will Include Different Hearing Scans

    You will then be administered different hearing tests by trained professionals using state-of-the-art technology.

    One of the tests is called a video ear scan. This kind of test makes use of a video otoscope to probe your ear canal for issues that are affecting your hearing such as earwax buildup or anything else that blocks sound waves from reaching your inner ear. Video ear scans normally do not hurt and would take only a few minutes.

    Another test is the comprehensive audiometric testing. This test, on the other hand, utilizes computerized devices to assess the degree of hearing loss with precision by exposing you to different types of sounds at different volumes and taking note of which sounds you miss. It is composed of a speech understanding test, a pure tone test, and a bone conduction test.

    A speech understanding test assesses arguably the most important function of your hearing, which is understanding speech in both noisy and quiet environments; the pure tone test evaluates your ability to hear sounds clearly; and lastly, since the bones of your ear help conduct sound waves to your ear which are then converted to electrical signals for the brain, the bone conduction test would determine if there is a problem in your inner or middle ear.

    Discussing The Results

    After the hearing test, the hearing care professionals will discuss with you the results, enlightening you on what type of hearing loss you have and its probable causes. Along with the PHHA, the hearing tests will provide the options you can take to enjoy better hearing health.

    Hearing Aid Demonstrations

    With the information you gathered from the previous steps, you will then try out different hearing aids to find out which specific type fits you best.

    Beltone South is known for giving professional and comprehensive hearing tests for free to evaluate your hearing condition and recommend the proper course of action and hearing devices. We are committed to providing excellent care and assistance to those that want to improve their hearing health and quality of life.

    Call us at (888) 906-5246 or reach us online to schedule an appointment today and let us help you make the best possible choice when purchasing your new hearing devices!

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