• Tips to Prevent Hearing Loss When Using Headphones

    March 5, 2020

    In today’s technologically-driven world, many people own multiple mobile devices. Said items are typically complimented by headphones, which are used for activities such as listening to music and engaging in conversations. Unfortunately, however, certain individuals have the tendency to increase the volume to high levels. Over an extended period of time, such practices could exercise an adverse impact upon one’s audio capacities.

    Beltone South, a hearing care company devoted to assist persons with hearing loss and other audio-related issues invites you to to read the following brief blog highlighting how to prevent hearing damage when employing headphones.

    The Problem

    Researchers have found that hearing loss precipitated by headphone and earbuds usage has led to a dramatic increase in young people with some form of hearing loss. Exposure to such loud sounds often causes irreversible damage to inner ear cells. As damage grows more pronounced, a greater level of hearing ability is lost.

    The Safe Use Of Headphones

    Fortunately, the use of headphones or other listening devices does not always equate to potential future hearing loss. That said, those who employ such contraptions need to willfully adhere to the following safety precautions:

    Wear Noise-Cancelling Headphones

    In many instances, headphone users jack up the volume of said devices to eliminate other surrounding noises. Such action is a double whammy. Not only is the individual in question listening to music or other loud sounds at potentially dangerous volumes but are still being exposed to other booming sounds in the background. Noise-cancelling contraptions are designed to eliminate outside noise. Ergo, the user does not need to increase the volume merely to hear what they are trying to listen to.

    Employ Over The Ear Designs

    Hearing specialists suggest that over-the-ear headphones are far safer than earbuds. This is because the speakers in over-the-ear contraptions are positioned further from the eardrum than earbuds. Ergo, over-the-ear users are exposed to less harsh sounds.

    Practice Moderation

    There is nothing wrong with enjoying one’s favorite music periodically. However, the practice of using headphones should be executed in moderation. Medical professionals and hearing specialists suggest headphone users to follow the “60-60” rule. This principle calls upon practitioners to listen to their device at no greater than 60 percent of the device’s volume capacity for no more than 60 minutes, or one hour at a time.

    Use At Lower Volumes

    This seems like simple advice. However, if more headphone users listened to their devices at lower volume, many of these said individuals would avoid hearing loss.

    Contacting Us

    If you or a loved one possesses some form of hearing loss, Beltone South might be able to help. Our team of experienced audio care professionals can perform a hearing exam and determine the best course of action based upon the results. Further information about our programs and services can be reached by calling today.


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