• Surgical Options For Hearing Loss

    August 1, 2018

    When you have hearing loss, or you know someone dear to you experiencing it, it’s only natural that you seek ways on how this can be treated. An inability to perceive sound has possible consequences on the mental and emotional faculties, which we would rather do without.

    Surgery is a possible option that you may consider, however it is not for everyone as only specific cases are qualified for this form of remedy. Though if you aren’t inclined to having this invasive method done to you, most likely there’s nothing to worry as majority of the time hearing aids are prescribed.


    Otosclerosis is the unusual hardening of the bone called stapes. Thus the name of the surgery as it focuses on addressing that specific component. It does this by replacing it with a prosthetic device.

    After the procedure, it’s normal to feel a little pain and dizziness. Your ears will most likely feel stuffed too. It often takes a few weeks to feel the effects of this, but some have reported to have immediate results.

    Cochlear Implant

    A sensorineural hearing loss is when your inner ear becomes damaged which causes the impairment. Usually the hair cells (cochlea) in this section of the ears have been destroyed.

    This consists of an external element which captures sound and sends it to the internal element which is implanted. This then transforms these sounds into electrical impulses that are sent to the electrodes.

    Hearing Aids That Can Be Implanted

    Though you can always opt for conventional hearing aids, there are versions of these now that can be implanted near your eardrums. Given its location, wearers report that these produce much better results than their ordinary counterparts.

    These are also capable of enduring moisture to the point where you can exercise and take a shower but actually submerging your head in water, as you do in swimming, would damage it as it is incapable of dealing with that much high amounts of water.

    These may be quite costly as you have to replace them with new ones every few months, in contrast to the normal hearing aids that would need an upgrade only every 5 years.


    The eustachian tubes help drain out your ear of liquids but when these are blocked, these substances may prolong their stay and due to the humid environment they provide this promotes the growth of bacteria. After some time your middle ear will become infected.

    Myringotomy is the procedure where your eardrum is pierced to allow all the pus to flow out. A tube may be inserted into the hole to help in the draining process.

    Common patients for this operation are children whose ages are 5 years and below but there are issues of these kind that happens to adults too sometimes.

    It’s important to keep in mind that not all hearing loss problems entails surgery. When having complications with your ears it’s important to have this checked by a professional. If you’re really interested, then you may inquire if there are any medical surgeries you may avail of, provided that this would be the ideal choice. Talk to an audiologist today by calling Beltone South at (888) 906-5246.

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