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  • Hearing Loss When Using Headphones
    Tips to Prevent Hearing Loss When Using Headphones
    March 5, 2020

    In today’s technologically-driven world, many people own multiple mobile devices. Said items are typically complimented by headphones, which are used for activities such as listening to music and engaging in conversations. Unfortunately, however, certain individuals have the tendency to increase the volume to high levels. Over an extended period of time, such practices could exercise read more…

  • Tinnitus Symptoms
    Is Tinnitus Different Depending On Your Age?
    January 9, 2020

    The Importance of Hearing The ability to hear is a vital part of survival. As the famous Helen Keller once said, “Blindness cuts us off from things, but deafness cuts us off from people.” While this condition can be caused by temporary situations like an infection or exposure to loud noise, some people develop this read more…

  • Hearing Loss Symptoms and Treatment
    July 4, 2019

    Hearing loss can have a profound impact on an individual’s life and well-being. We invite interested parties, as well as prospective customers, to read this short piece discussing the conditions associated with hearing loss symptoms and treatment options. How Can Hearing Loss Occur? Diminished hearing capacity can be the result of numerous health issues. One read more…

  • Early Hearing Loss
    Early Hearing Loss and Substance Abuse Issues
    April 4, 2019

    Individuals under the age of 50 who suffer from hearing loss are more likely to turn to drugs or alcohol, according to a research study. One finding that the study uncovered is that younger people with hearing impairments are more likely to misuse opioids than those who have normal hearing. The Study According to the read more…

  • Age-Related Hearing Loss
    Understanding Age-Related Hearing Loss
    March 7, 2019

    Around one in three people over the age of 65 have some level of hearing loss. When someone experiences hearing loss as a result of aging, it is called presbycusis. This type of hearing occurs gradually and often affects a person’s ability to hear higher frequency sounds. What are the symptoms of presbycusis? Usually, the read more…

  • Beltone South | The Basics of Hearing Loss
    The Basics of Hearing Loss
    January 3, 2019

    Hearing loss symptoms most often occur gradually. Sometimes it can start with turning the volume up on the television, or asking people to repeat themselves. For others, it can start with a persistent ringing in the ears. No matter how your hearing loss begins, it is important that you get your hearing checked to prevent read more…

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