• Can Hearing Aids Prevent Memory Loss?

    May 2, 2019

    Aging gracefully does not mean you should disregard the early signs of hearing loss, let alone memory loss. While you may have become a pro at lip reading, you should know that trying to get used to it can be detrimental to your memory and eventually lead to dementia. Instead of trying to adapt, let us explain how a hearing aid can overcome hearing loss and keep your memory sharp.

    More Than a Myth

    The link between hearing loss and reduced cognitive function is not just a myth. Cognitive function is how your brain processes information. If you are not hearing sounds properly, your brain must divert more effort into helping you hear instead of storing the details you just heard into memory. These diversions cause disruptions in other neural paths creating a dangerous ripple effect.

    It’s Not Just Forgetfulness

    You forgot to pick up paper plates for the cookout. Your family may say you just were not listening when they asked. You might blame forgetfulness, but you do vaguely remember something about the plates. The fact is you did not hear it clearly. While your brain was trying to process the request, you were participating in another conversation. Your brain had to move on and failed to file the request in lieu of keeping up with you, resulting in memory loss.

    It Won’t Just Go Away

    Ignoring hearing loss will not make it go away. It will only worsen as time goes by. Eventually, you will start avoiding social situations, which severely inhibits cognitive stimulation. Once the memory loss progresses far enough, dementia can develop. Take heart, it’s not all bad news. A hearing aid is a popular solution for hearing and memory loss.

    Hearing Aids for Everyone

    Hearing aids are not the bulky monstrosities they once were. Today, they are sleek and inconspicuous. No one needs to know you have one if you don’t want them to. There is a hearing aid for every degree of hearing loss. Even if you are just beginning to strain to hear, you owe it to your brain and yourself to have it checked out.

    Knowing the facts about how hearing is linked to memory and dementia will help you make an informed choice about a hearing aid. Maintaining your cognitive health is as important as taking care of your physical health. Contact your audiologist today and put the risks behind you. You are not gracefully aging; you are growing better every day. To learn more about hearing aids and memory loss, contact Beltone DFW at (888) 958-8432 or schedule your appointment online!


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