• Benefits of Hearing Aids
    How Hearing Aids Can Improve Your Quality of Life
    August 8, 2019

    Hearing loss impacts up to 200,000 people per year in the United States alone. There are three forms of this condition, sensorineural, in which inner ear cells are damaged, conductive, where some type of mechanical issue such as obstruction impacts hearing or mixed, which is a combination of both sensorineural and conductive manifestations. One method read more…

  • Hearing Loss Symptoms and Treatment
    July 4, 2019

    Hearing loss can have a profound impact on an individual’s life and well-being. We invite interested parties, as well as prospective customers, to read this short piece discussing the conditions associated with hearing loss symptoms and treatment options. How Can Hearing Loss Occur? Diminished hearing capacity can be the result of numerous health issues. One read more…

  • Traveling with Hearing Aids
    Tips For Traveling With Hearing Aids
    June 6, 2019

    Hearing aids are intricate devices that require special attention and maintenance during routine daily activities. This is especially true when the owners of hearing assistance devices travel. At Beltone South, the producers of a variety of hearing care products, we invite you to read the following brief blog offering tips on safe and efficient methods read more…

  • Memory Loss
    Can Hearing Aids Prevent Memory Loss?
    May 2, 2019

    Aging gracefully does not mean you should disregard the early signs of hearing loss, let alone memory loss. While you may have become a pro at lip reading, you should know that trying to get used to it can be detrimental to your memory and eventually lead to dementia. Instead of trying to adapt, let read more…

  • Early Hearing Loss
    Early Hearing Loss and Substance Abuse Issues
    April 4, 2019

    Individuals under the age of 50 who suffer from hearing loss are more likely to turn to drugs or alcohol, according to a research study. One finding that the study uncovered is that younger people with hearing impairments are more likely to misuse opioids than those who have normal hearing. The Study According to the read more…

  • Age-Related Hearing Loss
    Understanding Age-Related Hearing Loss
    March 7, 2019

    Around one in three people over the age of 65 have some level of hearing loss. When someone experiences hearing loss as a result of aging, it is called presbycusis. This type of hearing occurs gradually and often affects a person’s ability to hear higher frequency sounds. What are the symptoms of presbycusis? Usually, the read more…

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