• Understanding Age-Related Hearing Loss

    March 7, 2019

    Around one in three people over the age of 65 have some level of hearing loss. When someone experiences hearing loss as a result of aging, it is called presbycusis. This type of hearing occurs gradually and often affects a person’s ability to hear higher frequency sounds.

    What are the symptoms of presbycusis?

    Usually, the loss of hearing isn’t sudden. It takes place over the course of many years and most often affects both ears. As people age, their inner ear deteriorates as does the nerve pathways that go from the ears to the brain. Inside your ears, there are tiny hair cells that help you hear and as you get older you lose these as they don’t regrow or regenerate.

    Age-related hearing loss can’t be reversed as the damage is permanent. There are symptoms that indicate you are suffering from some level of presbycusis. You might find that when other people speak it sounds like they are mumbling or slurring their words. If there is background noise you have a lot of difficulties understanding others. If you can understand better when men speak than women, this is another sign you have presbycusis.

    Is presbycusis preventable?

    If your condition is hereditary there isn’t really anything you can do to prevent hearing loss. Other causes of hearing loss include loud noises, prescription medicines, and more. Being around sounds that exceed 85 decibels all the time can permanently damage how well you can hear.

    This level of sound includes emergency sounds, concerts, and motorcycles. If you are exposed to these types of sounds on a regular basis, you can invest in earplugs. These plugs can help reduce the amount of sound that enters your ears.

    Your options in dealing with presbycusis

    When it comes to hearing care there are multiple options available. Hearing aids are great for people who have either low or moderate levels of loss of hearing. If you have a severe loss of hearing cochlear implants can help. There are also assistive listening devices available for people who need help hearing electronic devices such as televisions or their phone.

    The key to treating the loss of hearing is working with a hearing professional who can diagnose what is going on and present you with the best options for dealing with this condition. They can help you lead a better life and live it to the fullest despite how getting older has affected your hearing.

    For more information about what hearing aids can do to address your presbycusis, contact Beltone South today.

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