• Are My Hearing Aids Causing Hearing Loss?

    July 2, 2018

    There is a rumor going around that hearing aids can cause hearing loss. This rumor possibly comes from the fact that these devices amplify sounds for those with an impairment in hearing, to perceive sounds better.
    It’s only natural for people who care for their health to be asking questions but to come to a conclusion without looking for the answer from a trusted source would be wrong.

    So Is It True?

    Usually hearing aids don’t cause a hearing disability provided that these are adjusted appropriately by a professional.
    Unfortunately there are those who become victims of commercialized services that are not careful enough and do not take all the necessary steps in ensuring a proper fit for a patient. This leads to these devices amplifying sounds at a greater volume than needed causing damage to the auditory system.
    There is also a misconception by some that think they have greater hearing loss than before because it seems to have worsened when they take off their devices.
    When acquiring a hearing impairment, this usually happens gradually, which gives your brain time to get used to the consequences that come with it. It becomes accustomed to not recognizing certain sounds as well as before, and taking more time and effort to process information and noises.
    You then see this as what is normal, but when having hearing aids in place your brain then also familiarizes with its new heightened sense of hearing thanks to your new hardware. So then your brain sees this as what is ordinary and once you store away your devices, you misinterpret this as a intensified hearing loss when in fact it is the same degree of impairment, only you no longer accept this as the usual sound-perceiving capacity.

    Is It Okay If I Don’t Get Hearing Aids?

    It’s understandable that some of you may become afraid of being at the receiving end of commercialized products that would end up causing more harm.
    But continuing on with life without treating this disability will cause cognitive decline in the long run, which could ultimately lead to dementia. Your social life could also be put to risk as you find it harder communicating with people, which may lead to you distancing from your peers and friends. This could further develop into loneliness and depression.
    Which means hearing aids must be used as soon as possible, but one must only purchase from reputable and well-respected specialists in the market. Make sure to ask for feedback from others and see how many customers they have satisfied.
    Avoid ordering these kinds of equipment from the internet as it would be best to have an audiologist be personally present to examine you and check the devices’ performance on you. Otherwise, the tendency is they will make a mistake when customizing the hearing aids.
    Do not also be fooled by overly cheap versions as these may not be of good quality. You should be looking to spend an upwards of US$1000 when getting well performing hearing aids. Remember this as an investment for overall well-being. Get the assurance of a licensed audiologist. Call Beltone South at (888) 906-5246.

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