• 8 Common Myths About Hearing Loss

    December 5, 2018

    There may be several reasons why someone is reluctant to get a hearing aid. They may have memories of their grandparents wearing bulky aids in their ears. They may think that they can hear good enough without one. There are a lot of myths surrounding hearing loss and hearing aids. That’s why we put together this list to address some of the most common ones.

    1. Myth: The elderly are the only ones affected by hearing loss

    Fact: Hearing issues happen to all age ranges. A person can be born deaf. Three out of every 1,000 children are born with some sort of hearing issue in America. Hearing issues can also happen from an injury or sickness anytime in life.

    2. Myth: There are not that many people suffering from hearing loss

    Fact: There are around 48 million people that are affected by some degree of hearing issues in the United States. Hearing problems can manifest by ringing, scratching, or whistling noises in the ear due to damaged nerves. Most hearing loss appears gradually, so it can be hard to pinpoint when the loss began.

    3. Myth: Hearing loss does not affect other aspects of your health

    Fact: Hearing loss can affect your mental and physical health. Numerous studies have found the correlation between hearing loss and depression, heart disease, anxiety, and more. Additionally, hearing loss has been linked to cognitive decline and a higher risk of falling.

    4. Myth: My Primary Care Physician can detect my hearing loss

    Fact: Most Primary Care Physicians will not do hearing tests unless they have a good reason to suspect problems. You might be able to hear better in a quiet environment like a doctor’s office than other places. Doctors often rely on the patient to bring problems to them. If you think there is a problem, bring it up with your doctor.

    5. Myth: Hearing aids are too expensive

    Fact: The ability to hear is worth the price it costs for hearing aids. If you are worried that you can not afford them, the Hearing Loss Association Of America has a list of organizations that can help with financing. Some hearing care facilities also have payment plans available for the purchase of hearing aids.

    6. Myth: Hearing aids are bulky

    Fact: When hearing aids were first invented, they were big and clunky devices. Now, today’s hearing aids offer impeccable sound quality in a variety of styles, most of which are small and discreet.

    7. Myth: Hearing aids will make everything too loud

    Fact: Modern hearing aids are not a set-it-and-forget it deal. They can be fitted to your ear and the sound customized to your needs.

    8. Myth: You don’t need a hearing aid if you can hear from one of your ears

    Fact: It is hard to tell where sounds are coming from if you are relying on one ear to hear. Another problem is that most conditions affect both ears. It is possible that you have hearing issues in both and you just haven’t noticed yet.

    If you suspect that you have any problems with hearing, then it is best to go to a doctor and have your hearing tested. Life with a hearing aid will open up a new world. For more information about hearing loss, hearing aids, and hearing tests, contact us today.


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