• 7 Ways To Decrease Your Dementia Risk

    October 1, 2018

    Beltone South | Dementia & Hearing Loss

    More studies are showing a correlation between poor hearing and dementia. While there’s no definitive proof that it causes the condition, we know that hearing problems adds strain to the brain and its cognitive abilities. The brain can shrink in size as a result known as brain atrophy. It also contributes to depression from isolation.

    Get Hearing Corrected Early

    People usually don’t show signs of dementia until the ages 65 and older but science points that manifestation may begin as early as 40. Managing your hearing health is one key factor in preventing the decline of further health in other aspects like mentally.

    Use A Hearing Aid

    Getting a hearing aid is no simple matter. You need an audiologist’s professional recommendation as to what kind is right for you. There are several things to consider from the shape of your ear, lifestyle, the cause of hearing issues, and the cost. Remember that you only have to get a hearing aid when advised to. If so, delays should be avoided.

    Go For A Run

    Exercise is vital to keep your heart healthy, so you get optimum amounts of oxygen pumped to your brain. Any heart-related disease would increase memory loss and other cognitive abilities. Deprivation would lead to a decline in brain neurons. Also, exercise lowers cortisol, preventing any blockage in your blood vessels.

    Laugh More Often

    Chase away the bad thoughts. Resolve to stop entertaining toxic ideas that result in anxiety and other unnecessary negative emotions and stress. Look for ways to keep yourself positively delighted like watching a romcom or a stand-up. Comedy engages the brain, giving you mental exercise and uplifts your spirit. It also helps increase your brain cells.

    Stay Away From The Sugar

    We never said what’s right for you would be easy. What makes us so addicted to sugar? Is it the emotional connection to our favorite sweets or the instant pick-me-up that tickles our taste buds? Whatever the reason, sugar does more harm than good. Your blood sends excess sugar to your brain, damaging it. If you have diabetes, you also have a higher likelihood of getting dementia.


    One great way to keep dementia away is to go out there and mingle. Stimulating conversations will condition your brain to absorb new information and analyze it, and churn out thoughts, opinions, and facts while. Going with the right crows also keeps you happy, preventing depression. Two birds with one stone.

    Learn A New Language

    Or take up a new hobby. Challenge yourself. There’s always so much to learn. Just like muscles, the mind needs regular activity to develop and prevent decline. Don’t be quick to discount more manually-intensive tasks. Any exercise where you’re forced to learn something new is hugely mentally beneficial. The great thing about it is you get to choose something you enjoy.

    Any undesirable condition, sickness or disease can be prevented by taking on good habits early. Hearing health is easily preserved with regular visits to your trusted audiologist. Call Beltone South at (888) 906-5246, and we’ll help you make sure you stay at your best.

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